Notes from the Field – Lao PDR

Detroit Zoological Society Director of Conservation Paul Buzzard is doing fieldwork in Lao PRD.

Greetings from Luang Namtha, northern Lao PDR. I have been here in Lao PDR for several days enjoying the tropical weather and checking on a project that uses camera trapping to document the presence of wildlife at the Nam Ha protected area and enhance the eco-tourism program here. I was able to get the pictures of several mammals and larger birds that can still be found at Nam Ha, such as binturong, elephants and grey peacock pheasants among many others.

Paul - N pigtail Macaque      Paul - Asian elephant

I also heard some interesting stories about tigers still being in the area.  However, we were not able to investigate these claims because the local guides are away now either hunting or farming, and it is sometimes a challenge working with local partners. Nevertheless, I made plans with collaborators here and over Skype to set camera traps in the area where tigers have been reported, so hopefully next year we can obtain confirmation of tiger presence. We also made plans to investigate the extent of human-elephant conflict and continue the community outreach and education program.

– Paul Buzzard

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